Call: 800-899-MMCI(6624)
Call: 800-899-MMCI(6624)

We Bridge the Gap Between Your Business and its Financial Health

We are your new age boutique accounting firm that gets DIGITAL.
We make understanding the financial health of your business, easy.
Our team of experts help start-ups and small businesses succeed.

Accounting, Tax, Payroll and Business Management for Start-Ups, Small Business, and Entrepreneurs.

We Are Your...

Accounting Team

Let us take the heavy workload while you focus on the fun stuff

Eliminate the stress and let us handle your tax needs

Running a business is hard enough, let us handle your payroll and employee onboarding

You have a brilliant business idea, let’s get the ball rolling


  • Look we get start-ups, it’s actually our passion
  • We work with modern and innovative highly regulated venture backed companies who are paving the way of technology.

How we do it


We GRASP and understand your industry-specific needs by

  • Studying your industry and business
  • Addressing your concerns
  • Defining your goals


We Analyze, Collaborate, and Build a customized system unique to YOU by

  • Reviewing existing infrastructure 
  • Implementing proper software systems
  • Forming data and system management
  • Building the proper channels and customized system


We Produce reliable and streamlined financial reports including

  • Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Financial Report Packages
  • Management Analysis Reporting
  • Budget and Forecasting Reporting
  • Cash Flow Management Reporting
  • Financial Dashboards

What Makes Us Unique

We’ve been there, we’ve done it

We’ve successfully helped companies go through multiple series of venture funding and debt covenants through tedious due diligence and audits

We know what it takes

We’ve successfully produced customized financial due diligence reports and schedules for debt deals of $18M and multiple equity deals totaling $160M

We’re local

We have virtual and mobile offices located in different cities to ensure we’re able to provide the best service to our clients located anywhere

What’s a finance meeting without your accounting experts?

We are there in-person to help you review your financial reports during your quarterly meetings


Our expertise and training is unique 

Our training, mentorship, and collaboration comes from industry leaders and corporate giants

We Build a Customized Solution

We get to know you business and build the best fit

We’re Responsive

You don’t have to wait 24 hours to get a question answered

Custom Pricing

As each business has its own needs, pricing is also custom fit to each client

We Help Businesses Reduce Cost

Avoid the hassle of hiring, training, and additional benefit expenses

We work alongside your company and become a united front

We make understanding the financial health of your business, easy
Our team of experts help start-ups and small businesses succeed
Increased Efficiency
Industries Served
Business Costs Saved

What kinds of businesses do we work with?

Software Partners

Client Testimonials

  • Mbridge is a unique firm that gets the need for fast pace responsiveness in a digital world. They are attentive, instant, and on top of their work. Everything from A-Z they have perfected what it means to be a consulting firm in 2019.

    Kevin Tash
    CEO/Founder of TackMedia
  • Being a small business owner is a lot, and my energy would be much better spent if I can allocate my brain power to the strategy and business operations vs bookkeeping and accounting. Thanks to MBridge, I’m able to focus on the growth of my company while ensuring that my accounting and financial needs are being met, and I’m staying compliant! Couldn’t ask for a better partner/vendor. Thank you, MBridge Consulting!

    Devika Tandon
    Founder & Creator of Motherland Designs
  • Marina was a contractor supporting my accounting team at ZestFinance for ~3 years. While my time with Marina only overlapped for 8 months, she was very professional and pleasant to work with. My team had only compliments for her. I believe she would be a valuable addition to any team!

    Belinda Dong
    VP of Finance & Accounting of ZestFinance
  • MBridge advised me on my personal budget as a returning full time student. MBridge helped me create a very realistic long-term financial plan to follow for almost 3 years, so that I can survive without a job during these stressful years and not feel even more stressed out due to my personal finances!

    BSN RN, PHN Jan 2020
  • Thankful for the commitment and dedication from Marina, and truly grateful for the resolve. I absolutely recommend her to any business owner.

    Hrach Martirosian
    CEO of SuperPill

We Bridge the Gap Between Your Business and Its Success

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